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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Forged by the exceptional talents of London Monty and Brandon Lynch, Modern Giant Music is a trailblazing music production company, providing bespoke compositions and sync licensing for television, film, and beyond. Our visionary approach, coupled with a dedication to nurturing artists and collaborators, has made us a trusted partner in the entertainment industry.

Monty and Lynch merged their diverse backgrounds as multi-instrumentalists to create a unique blend of musical styles, spanning pop/electronic, R&B/soul, rock/Americana, cinematic, and hip hop genres. 

Our expansive music catalog boasts tracks ready for immediate licensing, covering a diverse range of styles. From soaring orchestral scores to soulful R&B ballads, we have the perfect track to elevate your project. And if a custom composition is required, our team is ready to create the ideal piece tailored to your needs.

At Modern Giant Music, we live and breathe music. Our passion for crafting unforgettable audio experiences is the engine that propels us forward. Together, we'll create the perfect soundtrack for your next project, captivating and inspiring audiences around the world.

Meet The Team

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